Wait… Don’t Send Another Email Until You See This!

Whether it’s spam, an overly CC’d email from a coworker or four emails from mailing lists you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe to, our inboxes are filled with WAY too much email. Unless you’re one of those rare folks who methodically keeps a tidy inbox, you suffer from email overload, and unfortunately, are probably contributing to the email overload of someone else.

This infographic [click the image to view the entire infographic] from FastCoDesign.com guides the reader through a series of “choose your adventure”-like questions to help you decide whether or not to send that latest work email. With stats like $650 billion lost each year due to unnecessary emails, perhaps following these tips will make you think about email more purposefully vs. just sending emails out of habit.

Our favorite suggestion from the infographic: Instead of sending an email, get up and go talk to the person you were about to email. Not only does it get the blood flowing back to your legs, but you get some person-to-person interaction with a colleague. So, the takeaway? Take a moment to contemplate your emails before you send; mindful emailing makes for a more productive workforce!

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